Our Hospitality

We take a slightly different look at friendship, and depict here the ones that challenge us and spur us on to be better people. Borrowing its name from an old silent film starring Buster Keaton, Our Hospitality, is a comedic tousle of friendly rivals. Complete with pratfalls, comedic timing, and ludicrous challenges, two distinct characters vie for the stage, do the same moves with unique élan, but eventually stop competing and dance alongside one another. Our Hospitality was developed in residence at The Garage and premiered in July of 2009.  Depicting “philia,” it is part one of the suite All You Need, four duets based on the Greek words for love.
Our Hospitality was originally developed in conjunction with Leah Curran, and performed by Leah Curran & Leigh Riley.

Our Hospitality from Leigh Riley on Vimeo.

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